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A Child-Focused Approach to Childhood Learning Section to say the following:

Here at Victory Little Knights Academy, we prepare our scholars to learn all the tools and skill sets needed to succeed in the future. Connect4Learning® is the research-based, classroom-tested interdisciplinary prekindergarten curriculum. Developed through funding from the National Science Foundation, it integrates research-validated teaching methodologies from early childhood experts in mathematics, science, literacy, and social-emotional learning.

Connect4Learning® was developed to meet this challenge.

Using research-based and classroom-tested foundation in literacy, science, social-emotional, and mathematics learning, Connect4Learning® weaves together all four domains to ensure that each subject is addressed meaningfully and comprehensively with each child.

Connected Science Experiences

Engaging Math

Authentic Literacy

Social-Emotional Development for All Learners

Our curriculum focuses on the six ages and stages of early childhood development

It engages children in hands-on learning activities that encourage them to explore and solve problems at their own rate of development. This forms a foundation for kids to Learn, Play and Grow under the care of our nurturing teachers and staff.

Centers where imaginations run free

From the vibrant colors to the furniture and floor plan, TLE® Centers foster an early childhood care environment where children feel comfortable and where their curiosity and creativity are rewarded.


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